Art of Healing

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When we step into the role of Yoga Teacher, we are not simply sharing a physical practice to keep people fit - we are sharing a holistic practice that helps people to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. More than this, through sharing yoga as a holistic practice of living, we allow ourselves as a whole to connect to our true nature, as spiritual beings. 

As yoga teachers and practitioners we must know what it means to ‘hold space’: to allow healing to unfold without judgement or expectation, to know what it is to make ceremony our of life, and to surrender to the flow.  We understand the subtleties of the body and how it interacts with the mind through our energetic anatomy. When we approach from this place, we find an opportunity to share our yoga in a way that truly can heal, from the inside out.  


The Kula Yoga Collective 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training gives space for deep self-healing through personal discovery practices, group exercises, intentional discussion and Sacred Ceremony.  Our training also offers a wide selection of teachings on complementary health practices, including but not limited to:  Ayurveda, nutrition, massage, Thai massage, energetic healing, Tai Chi, Chakra cleansing, herbal healing, and the Yogic diet.  

As Yoga Teachers we are living examples of unity - of true, whole vitality.   Through experiencing the transformation firsthand, we are better able to share it with others. By clearing away the parts of us that are no longer in alignment with our true nature, we create space for something bigger to be channelled through us. Thus the Art of Healing component of our curriculum allows us to reveal our wisest Self, and to unveil our true calling as healing practitioners and as sharers of an ancient wellness practice.

  • Have the time and space to dive into your own personal healing, guided by experienced facilitators and supported by a safe, energetic container
  • Be guided through a wheel of transformation as we cycle through the 3 levels of the Peruvian Chakana
  • Learn about shamanism and take part in Sacred Ceremony, calling in the energies of the Four Cardinal Directions and the elements as we hold Full- and New-moon Ceremonies, Ceremonies of Release and of Manifestation, Cacao Ceremonies and Sound Baths
  • Abandon yourself to the healing power of vibration, through traditional Kirtan circles and native Medicine Song and Ceremony Chants from around the world
  • Become familiar with the subtle yogic anatomy and the Chakras, learning how the body, mind and energetic selves interact
  • Receive introduction to many different healing modalities and lifestyle practices, including but not limited to: Ayurveda, nutrition, massage, Thai massage, energetic healing, Tai Chi, Chakra cleansing, herbal healing, and the Yogic diet
  • Step into your role as healing practitioner and sharer of the ancient wellness practice of yoga